Quantum Dots produced on a Syrris Asia Flow Chemistry system

Equipment for real chemistry

Discover applications chemists have performed using Syrris equipment.

Syrris products are used in laboratories around the world for a wide range of applications, including process development, discovery, reaction calorimetry, crystallization, and process scale-up.

Our batch reactor range, including Atlas HD, a fully automated synthesis system, and Orb, a manually operated jacketed chemical reactor, and Orb Pilot scale-up jacketed reactor are used within many process and discovery development applications.

Similarly, our range of flow reactor products – Asia – are used within many flow chemistry applications, including less commonly used activation methods, such as electrochemistry and photochemistry (part of our reagentless chemistry category).

  • Access novel applications by simply building on your modular system
Syrris Asia Photochemistry Reactor removing safety screen

Photochemistry set free

Go beyond the limitations of traditional batch requirements with Asia Photochemistry System.

Flow photochemistry reactors are an increasingly desirable option for synthetic chemists. Our Asia Photochemistry System performs continuous photochemistry and enables the widest range of applications and versatility.

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