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Reagentless chemistry

Clean chemistry, less waste.
A key advantage of flow chemistry is that it is easier to access other – less commonly used – activation methods, such as electrochemistry and photochemistry.

Why Syrris?

As experts in the field of flow chemistry, Syrris understands the growing need for synthetic chemists to tackle the environmental impact of waste and the costs associated with its disposal. Our Asia products perform reagentless chemistry applications that harness the ability to maximise atom economy and perform ‘clean’ chemistry with minimal waste generation. They have been proven in over 39 scientific publications. Download our full list of publications here

This publication features Asia Flux:

When single-pass continuous electrochemical flow conditions were used and this reaction was run in a carbon graphite Cgr/Cgr flow cell, urea compounds could be obtained in high yields within a residence time of 6 min, unlocking access to substrates that were inaccessible under batch conditions while being easily scalable.

A. Petti, C. Fagnan, C. G. W. van Melis, N. Tanbouza, A. D. Garcia, A. Mastrodonato, M. C. Leech, I. C. A. Goodall, A. P. Dobbs, T. Ollevier, K. Lam, Supporting-Electrolyte-Free Anodic Oxidation of Oxamic Acids into Isocyanates: An Expedient Way to Access Ureas, Carbamates, and Thiocarbamates. Org. Process Res. Dev, 2021, 


Electrochemical activation of chemical reagents enables selectivity and transformations impossible by other techniques. The Asia Electrochemistry Flow Chemistry System gives easy access to electrochemical reactions in continuous flow.



Light activation of molecules provides access to reaction pathways which are otherwise impossible to reach with classical thermochemical activation. Flow photochemistry reactors such as the Asia Photochemistry System offer consistent and controlled light penetration and reaction exposure times, a simpler route to scale-up, and accurate temperature control.


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