Asia Automator

Part of the Asia range

The Asia Automator enables automated flow chemistry experiments to be controlled by the Asia Manager PC Software (e.g. 230, 320, or 330 systems).

Controlling the Asia Automator system from a PC:

By connecting the Asia Automator and the Asia Syringe Pump to a PC via USB, it is possible to control the Asia system using Asia Manager PC Software. This allows to easily set-up any fluidic system, design a list of experiments and run them successively while monitoring data in real-time.

Asia Automator connections:


  • Asia Scale-Up Flow Chemistry System

    For easy scale-up of reactions from milligram to multi-gram quantities using flow chemistry.

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  • Asia Cold Flow Chemistry System

    Enables safe chemical reactions under cryogenic conditions (e.g. exothermic organometallic reactions).

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  • Asia Electrochemistry Flow Chemistry System

    For easy access to electrochemical reactions in continuous flow, enabling selectivity and transformations impossible by other techniques.

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  • Asia Discovery Flow Chemistry System

    Capable of running flow experiments that require limited quantities of starting material or expensive reagents.

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  • Asia Process Optimization Flow Chemistry System

    Ideal for converting a batch chemistry reaction to a flow chemistry process and varying parameters for reaction optimization.

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  • Asia Nanoparticle Flow Chemistry System

    Performs nanoparticle synthesis in flow with fast and reproducible mixing, excellent heat transfer and accurate temperature control.

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  • Asia Premium Flow Chemistry System

    Features a full range of Asia modules and enables standard flow chemistry operations as well as advanced use.

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