Syrris Orb Jacketed Reactor – unboxing and set-up video

Orb Jacketed Reactor - Unboxing and Set-Up
Orb's ease-of-use even extends into how you unbox it and set it up for the first time! Just pull the box apart and adjust one screw and Orb is ready for use. Orb is the easiest batch reactor you'll ever use. Discover more at

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Stuart Simcock, I’m Product Manager for batch chemistry at Syrris and I’m here today to talk about the Orb system and how simple it is to set up once you have it delivered. On the table here, we have some of the components you need to complete the system; reaction vessel, lids, stirrer, stirrer motor, etc. It’s very simple to unbox – simply lift the lid pull back the shelves, remove internal packaging and then the system is ready to unbox. At the bottom there is a drip tray, which you can set aside, and then you simply lift the system from the box. To adjust the system there’s just one simple screw, it’s here and to do that you need a 5 millimeter allen key which is provided with the tool kit that comes with the system. Simply slack on this screw, undo the handle and then lift this handle firmly upwards. Let it return to the bottom and then rotate it 90 degrees. Once you’re happy you’ve got a 90 degree angle there, tighten the screw at the side with your allen key again and the system is ready to go. So, we start loading the glassware and before we do that, adjust the clamp into the right height, there’s four different heights that you can use at the lowest points for 500 milliliters and 1 liter or lower and then the next level up is for the 2 liter reactor, which we have here. Simply lift slightly and pull out this knob and you adjust it into the right place. So for the glassware, I normally start by populating the lid with the stirrer seal. No need to do it too tight, just a little turn and then the stirrer shaft itself comes through, just pop that in there for the time being. Then add the reactor, so you undo this knob on the front, open the front of the clamp and insert the vessel. The stirrer seal itself is in two parts – an inner seal and an outer alignment ring. So the outer ring just goes around the outside and drop the red ring on the inside. Then install the lid – just gently lift the front of the vessel forwards and push back, it’s in place and then clamp the knob. So this knob is torque limited, so you can’t over tighten it and damage the glassware, so you just tighten it until you can’t it won’t go any more and it just slips round. It’s very simple and easy to do. Then adjust the stirrer down to the base of the vessel, and tighten the nut at the top. The next step is the stirrer motor – so, undo the stirrer motor clamping nut, lift forward, insert the stirrer motor and then swing it into place, allow it to drop down over the over the stirrer shaft, make sure everything’s lined up, clamp the knob do up the chuck and tighten the handle at the side. The system is complete and ready to go. Apart from the drip tray! So, that’s the Orb system; super easy to set up, around five minutes from delivery to being ready to go. If you’d like to find out more about the Orb system, visit our website at

Orb Jacketed Reactor

Save lab space, save money.  Orb Jacketed Reactor provides multiple reactor setups in one footprint with seamless vessel changes in minutes thanks to its quick clamp system, easy stirrer motor lift, and pre-set height adjustments.

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