The Asia Syringe Pump from Syrris, designed specifically for flow chemistry, employs patented pumping technology, giving chemists a tool to perform flow reactions not possible using HPLC pumps or ‘single shot’ syringe pumps.

Used in combination with the Asia Pressurized Input Store, the Asia Syringe Pump takes advantage of positive input pressure to deliver continuous, extremely smooth flow – from 1 µL/min to 10 mL/min – at pressures of between 0 to 20 bar, minimizing outgassing and cavitation.

The Asia Syringe Pump can be used independently or as a component of the award-winning modular Asia Flow Chemistry system. Control of flow rates and reaction timings is better than ever before, ensuring accurate control of residence time in the flow reactor, as well as reducing the number of by-products generated during a reaction. Its ultra smooth, chemically resistant, continuous flow channels are ideal for moisture and air-sensitive reagents and can accommodate a wide range of solvent and solution viscosities and volatilities, including dichloromethane and ether.

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Asia Syringe Pump - ideal for flow chemistry
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