Gas liquid flow chemistry video

Gas Liquid Flow Chemistry
Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids from Grignard Reagents using Carbon Dioxide Gas

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Andrew Mansfield and I’m the Product Manager for the Asia product range. I’m going to demonstrate an example of introducing reagent gases through a glass microreactor chip on the Asia system. So in this reaction, we’re taking our grignard reaction, which is this two mesathyl magnesium bromide and we’re going to introduce carbon dioxide in a biphasic gas liquid partition acidified to form our acid. Under flow conditions, we’re eliminating all moisture, so we’re eliminating byproducts in this reaction as well, such as this hydrolysis of the grignard reagents. To do that with the setup, we have our agents in a pressurized input store under our solvents under inert conditions and we’re going to inject our reagent into the Asia Reagent Injector. You can see here, our starting material is colored and our product is colorless. You can see the setup that we have here is directly from a carbon dioxide cylinder, you have a pressure regulator and this has quite fine control, to allow us to control in detail and with good resolution, the differential between our system pressure and our gas pressure. A gas is being introduced into a free input glass microreactor. This example is a 1000 microliter reactor and we have reagents going into one port and solvent going into the second port. We have a solvent line going into this reaction, just to dilute our grignard reagent, to help minimize any precipitation, to dilute our reagent. You can see here we have quite nice gas liquid partitions beginning to build up in our reactor. One thing to know, as we’re using carbon dioxide, is that we need to handle this carefully. So, our output is going via the power back pressure regulator into an acidic quench, which is coming out under a sealed condition into a scrubbing vessel with sodium hydroxide and in this you can see the build-up of the byproduct carbon dioxide in the bottom. So, an easy setup to introduce reagent gases into Asia Microreactors.

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