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  1. Japan Roadshow

    Syrris winter Japan roadshow
  2. Atlas Classic Jacketed Vessel Clamp

    The Jacketed Vessel Clamp is a quick-release clamping mechanism for regular (not 3 bar rated) Atlas jacketed reactors. Designed to make changing reactors both quick and easy, the Jacketed Vessel Clamp has a simple mechanism to clamp and release the reactor and lid simultaneously. The reactor clamp fits onto the Support […]
  3. Syrris Japan Roadshow

    All the latest technology in flow, automated batch and chemical scale-up chemistry is coming to Japan! The Syrris Roadshow is designed to give you hands-on experience using our Syrris equipment. Meet the team, discuss your applications and experience the technology at our Japan Roadshow.    
  4. Atlas automation has helped hundreds of chemists perform their best chemistry

    Syrris Atlas HD Automation benefits chemists At Syrris we pride ourselves on offering innovative, intelligent and high-quality chemistry products along with excellent post-sales support and service.  Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor is our flagship product; see what our customers have to say about it.
  5. The Syrris Japan Roadshow is underway!

    Syrris winter japan roadshow updates The latest technology in chemistry is currently touring Japan along with our team of experts – read about our travels below!
  6. Free software makes chemistry automation easy

  7. Syrris Orb Pilot scale-up reactor video

    Syrris Orb Pilot scale-up reactor video
  8. Automated Reagent Injector Module

    Benefit from advanced reaction optimization and library synthesis in a tiny footprint, with the Asia Automated Reagent Injector.  Automated aspiration of reagents under inert conditions, pre-pressurization of samples up to 20 bar, and a range of racks for vial sizes up to 40 mL.
  9. Atlas HD Potassium for automated organic chemistry

    Atlas HD is an automated, modular jacketed reactor platform for R&D chemists and chemical engineers.  Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility with seamless and tool-free interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L
  10. A new dimension in drug discovery for Gedeon Richter

    The pharmaceutical industry has been leading the way in its use of flow chemistry technology for research and development and manufacturing of new drugs, and pharmaceutical innovator, Gedeon Richter, is no exception.  Using a Syrris Asia flow Chemistry system, drug discovery researchers at the innovative pharmaceutical company have been able […]
  11. Asia flow chemistry system proves ideal for biocatalytic applications

    There has been a considerable growth in recent years in the use of biocatalysis protocols as a means of developing more straightforward routes to the organic synthesis of complex molecules. Historically, these reactions have been performed by traditional batch reactions, but continuous flow technology is now attracting a great deal […]