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  1. Customer stories integral to new website redesign

    Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor and chemistry scale-up systems, has recently launched a new website accompanied by a logo redesign. With an array of innovative products alongside its award-winning R&D, it was time that Syrris’ online presence reflected the energy and personality of the company; […]
  2. Syrris sets the scene for another exciting year

    Syrris, a world leader in laboratory-scale and flow chemistry systems, continues to go from strength to strength, achieving sales growth of 18% during 2014 and best-ever sales of all its product lines – the modular Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor and Orb jacketed reactor and the revolutionary Asia flow chemistry systems […]
  3. Syrris launches novel ultra-low temperature microreactor chips

    Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry product innovation, has extended its range of Asia microreactors with the launch of ultra-low temperature 3-input microreactor chips offering fast, reproducible mixing, rapid heat transfer and minimized back pressure. Designed to complement the Asia Cryo Controller module, these chemically resistant, transparent and robust […]
  4. Syrris’ free flow chemistry workshops in high demand

    Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry product innovation, enjoyed another successful global series of flow chemistry seminars in 2014. These free events, which combine theoretical discussion with hands-on sessions, enabled chemists to develop their understanding of the many and varied benefits of flow chemistry. Flow chemistry has emerged as […]
  5. Syrris offers fully automated pressure reactors

    The Atlas HD 3 Bar Pressure System is a modular 3 bar pressure reactor from Syrris that can be controlled manually or automatically and has been designed specifically for high vacuum processes and applications requiring elevated pressures such as hydrogenations and carbonylations. Atlas HD 3 Bar Pressure System is an […]
  6. Driving petroleum research forward with a Syrris custom reactor system

    Syrris has collaborated with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) to manufacture a unique custom reactor system (CRS) for the Institute’s Petroleum Research Center. Associate research scientist Dr. Salah Al-Enezi explained: “KISR is a national institute of science and technology engaged in developing practical solutions to problems such as the […]
  7. From vegetable oil to biodiesel with a Syrris jacketed reactor system

    The innovative Orb jacketed reactor system from Syrris has enabled chemical engineering students at Worcester Polytechnic University, USA, to safely investigate the production of biodiesel. Professor William Clark from the Chemical Engineering Department explained: “As part of their senior thesis, some of our undergraduate students suggested a ‘green’ experiment; converting […]
  8. Polymerization

    Discover the range of chemistry technology that is helping polymer chemists conduct polymerization chemistry and polymerization safety studies.
  9. Why choose Syrris for your polymerization chemistry needs?

  10. Private: Atlas Syringe Pump

    Versatile syringe pump featuring advanced dosing protocols including pH control, temperature dependent dosing, and autosampling, with flow rates up to 200 mL/min. Perfect for chemists looking for a single syringe pump that can fulfill all their chemistry needs.
  11. Private: Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump

    Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the ultra-smooth Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump offers ultra-smooth flow from 1.0 μL to 10 mL/min and can be used in standalone mode or with PC control and is perfect for all your lab's flow chemistry.
  12. Atlas automated jacketed reactors have the Midas touch

    Midatech use Atlas reactors to produce gold nanoparticles for pharmaceutical applications Midatech Biogune, a Spanish biotechnology company, are using Syrris Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor systems to produce custom-made functionalized gold nanoparticles for medicinal use. Justin Barry, Midatech’s CEO, explained how the Atlas jacketed reactors are helping their chemists working in […]