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  1. Medtronic controls polymer synthesis with Syrris Atlas jacketed reactor

    Medical device manufacturer, Medtronic, Ireland, has invested in two Atlas Potassium jacketed reactor systems from Syrris for the synthesis of polymers under strictly controlled conditions. John Jennings, a Senior Scientist at Medtronic, explained: “Medtronic manufactures medical devices such as heart valve stents and implantable electronic devices, and our work involves […]
  2. Syrris Asia Chip Climate Controller – advanced microreactor temperature control

    Syrris Asia Chip Climate Controller – microreactor temperature control Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry systems, offers the unique Asia Chip Climate Controller module for its revolutionary range of Asia flow chemistry systems products. The Asia Chip Climate Controller provides advanced microreactor temperature control for faster, cleaner reactions in […]
  3. Intelligently dose chemical reactors at high flow rates with the Atlas Syringe Pump

    Syrris launches Atlas Syringe Pump XL for high flow rates Syrris, a world leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory scale chemistry reactors, has created the unique Atlas Syringe Pump XL. This innovative pump, which is extremely chemically resistant, allows automated volumetric dosing from 100 µL/min to 200 mL/min, […]
  4. Syrris Asia Heater – flow chemistry 1000x faster

    Syrris, the world’s longest established provider of laboratory scale flow chemistry systems, has developed the fast, flexible, and accurate Asia Heater to give its customers access to the many advantages of high-temperature flow synthesis. The Asia flow chemistry systems has been designed by chemists, for chemists, combining the widest variety […]
  5. Improving nanoprecipitation control with flow chemistry technology

    This is a summary of an article published on and printed in the Solid Dosage Drug Development and Manufacturing supplement in Pharmaceutical Technology, March 2018. Read the full article on In the article, Nicola Tirelli, Professor and Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials, Italian Institute of Technology, explains how variation […]
  6. High performance Syrris Atlas Calorimeter aids process safety control at Pfizer

    Pfizer uses Syrris Atlas Calorimeter for safety control The versatile Atlas Calorimeter is proving a valuable asset to scientists involved in research and development at Pfizer, India, allowing them to perform vital process safety investigations. Dr. Deepak Jain, Head of Process R&D, explained: “Safety is very important, and process safety […]
  7. Ley Group researchers benefit from Syrris’ Asia flow chemistry system

    Syrris’ Asia flow chemistry system is proving a valuable aid to synthesis projects performed by the Ley Group at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. Catherine Carter, a Ph.D. student working with Professor Steven Ley, explained: “We use the Asia flow chemistry system for work targeted at the synthesis […]
  8. Africa flow chemistry system and Atlas Potassium batch reactors aid API process development at Chugai

    SSyrris systems used for API process development at Chugai Scientists in the API Process Development Department at Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Japan, depend on an Asia flow chemistry system and 3 Atlas Potassium batch reactors from Syrris for process development of chemical compounds. Satoru Arimoto explained: “We are a leading […]
  9. Syrris process chemistry systems support scale-up experiments in Brazil

    Zirkon Industria e Comercio Ltda in Brazil relies on an Atlas Calorimeter and a 100 L Custom Reactor System for scale-up experiments and studies related to ink additives, and for research into new pharmaceutical active ingredients. Valter Russo, director of Zirkon’s research and development department, explained: “We work with zirconium […]
  10. Choosing your automated chemistry system

    choosing your syrris automated chemistry system
  11. Syrris makes difficult aqueous work-ups possible for Eindhoven University of Technology with the Asia flow chemistry FLLEX liquid-liquid extraction module

    Syrris launches the Flow liquid-liquid extraction module The unique Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) module helping is researchers in the Netherlands perform liquid-liquid copper extractions in flow. The Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands is taking advantage of the Asia FLLEX system’s excellent separation performance, as Assistant Professor Dr. Timothy Noël explained: […]
  12. Syrris invites scientists to benefit from free flow and automated process chemistry workshops

    Syrris offers free flow and automated process chemistry workshops Building on last year’s success, Syrris is again inviting scientists to attend a free program of flow chemistry and automated process chemistry workshops and seminars, which will be held at the Dinslaken premises of German distributor YMC Europe GmbH, between the […]