Syrris has released a new version of its popular Asia Manager PC Software, offering powerful walk-away control and analysis of flow chemistry experiments.

Designed for use with the Company’s award-winning Asia Flow Chemistry systems, the software automatically detects Asia modules connected via the Asia Automator and tracks each module’s status, allowing methods to be created, edited and run intuitively.

The Asia Manager PC Software offers full and easy automation of the entire flow chemistry process – from temperature control and pump rates to sample injection and product collection – making it simple to design and run experiments.

Users can simply enter ‘chemist friendly’ criteria such as residence time, temperature, reaction scale, and reagent concentrations, and the software automatically calculates crucial parameters – flow rates and timings, for example – even for complex multi-step reactions. Operators can select from a list of preconfigured fluidic layouts or create personalized methods which can be saved on the system for future use, and the software’s advanced interface enables reaction conditions for both preconfigured and personalized protocols to be quickly and easily varied for reaction optimization. Throughout each experiment, data including temperatures, pressures, and flow rates are automatically logged and can be viewed graphically in real time or exported as a .csv file for analysis, ensuring your flow chemistry is always on track.

To discuss how Asia flow chemistry’s automation could help your lab, contact us to speak to a Syrris chemist.

Asia post-synthesis modules for flow chemistry
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